Do you:

  • Have difficulty “coaxing” your pet to take his medicine?
  • Need a medication that is not available in the strength, flavor or size that is best for your pet?
  • Dream about a unique delivery system (one that allows you to avoid teeth and claws!)?

Humans aren’t the only ones who have unique medication needs; we compound for pets as well! Veterinary compounding is a very specialized field requiring extensive training, equipment, and chemicals not found in traditional pharmacies.  Our advanced training enables us to provide solutions to difficult animal medication problems.

When your pet enjoys the taste of his medication, that solves many battles.  We flavor medicines that are appealing to animals such as fish or tuna flavor for cats, beef or liver for dogs, tutti fruitti for birds, banana for exotics.  We can combine several medications into a single convenient preparation.  We can also prepare the medication in a different form such as a transdermal gel that can easily be rubbed into the inside of your pet’s ear.  This is a great option for animals that should not be stressed and owners who don’t like to be bandaged!  Sometimes a novel delivery system like accordion-like puffers for applying powder to difficult-to-reach areas or dauber bottles for painting medication on a hoof is required.  We are trained to think outside the box, and so have many unique solutions to offer.

Sometimes a medicine is discontinued or unavailable in the strength or dose that is best for your particular animal.  We can solve those problems as well!  Using the finest chemicals and special compounding equipment, we can prepare a medication in just the right strength, size and form for your pet.
We will work in conjunction with your veterinarian to expand the available treatment options for all your furry and feathered friends..