PrimeHealth PREMIER Concierge Health Plan

Agevitals PrimeHealthTM is a complete set of tests, analysis and consultations to evaluate the totality of your physical and mental health. This analysis provides you with an unparalleled and unified set of integrated health information by using state-of-the-art technology, testing and comprehensive laboratory analysis. We specifically measure:

• Hormone

• Metabolic indicators

• Nutritional markers

• Vitamin markers

• Physical indicators

• Cardiovascular indicators

• Brain health indicators

With your unique and personalized health information, we optimize levels of hormones, endocrine functions, vitamins, cardiovascular markers, bone density, lung function, antioxidants, brain function, sleep quality, body composition, muscle mass, metabolic rate and cardiac function that are paramount for peak performance, health and longevity. We interpret the results and develop an individualized program uniquely tailored to your specific biochemistry and requirements. We then utilize a multi-faceted approach of integrating a synergistic program of disease prevention, age-management medicine, medical weight management, sophisticated vitamin and medical food supplementation, enhanced sleep disorder treatments, individualized nutrition plans, scientifically targeted exercise, and hormone optimization. We educate and guide our patients toward a healthier future.

The AgeVital’s Prime HealthTM is more than a normal test results, it is a true picture of how different elements of your body works together to perform optimally for everyday life. It depicts how your internal organ health manifest in your total bodily health and wellness.