CBD for Skin Care: What Can It Do For You?

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CBD for Skin Care: What Can It Do For You?

Everyone wants healthy skin, it not only feels better but makes you look better too! However actually getting your skin to look its best can be easier said than done. When you think of skin care products CBD probably doesn’t immediately come to mind. Let’s take a look at why you should consider CBD next time you start your skincare routine.

CBD is a natural product with a huge variety of healing and soothing applications. CBD and cannabis have been used for thousands of years by many different cultures for its wonderfully positive properties, but only within the last five years has modern science truly embraced its healing potential.

There are many ways that CBD can be used and applied in a healing context. You could vape it, eat it, take it in a capsule, but one of the preferred ways to do it is through creams and ointments applied topically to the skin, known as Topicals. CBD Topicals can be used to rejuvenate and smooth the skin, relieve pain, ease joint pain, treat skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne, eczema, and more.

Benefits of CBD Oil For Skin Care

There are many benefits CBD Oil can have for your skin, and to list all of them would take a very long time. Some of the effects may surprise you, these are some of the benefits CBD oil can have for your skin.

  • 1. Effective and long-lasting moisture: CBD oil provides your skin with a long-lasting moisturizing effect that can combat flakiness, irritation and sore skin. These symptoms may be more common than you realize. Dry indoor air, cold weather, or excessive use of harsh soaps can lead to your skin losing moisture. CBD oil offers a great answer to these problems.

  • 2. Plumps the skin: CBD oil has been proven to rejuvenate ailing skin, as well as smooth wrinkles and fine lines and plump tired skin. (1)

  • 3. Skin soothing: CBD oil can provide you with a remedy that will calm and soothe your skin. Skin conditions like eczema, acne, or psoriasis can be incredibly painful and uncomfortable. Make sure you don’t apply it to open wounds or unknown rashes that haven’t been checked out by a doctor.

  • 4. Balance oily skin: Sebum is an oily secretion of the sebaceous glands. (2) The right amount is essential, as it helps to protect the skin, but excess sebum can cause acne and leave your face looking greasy. (3) CBD also increases the body’s levels of cannabinoids, as anandamide (AEA), which has been proven to reduce the body’s levels of sebum. (4)

  • 5. Effective for all skin types: CBD has antioxidant properties, which makes it highly effective for skin care of all kinds of skin. Antioxidants are important for the body because they can limit the damage of what are known as “free radicals”. Whether your skin is smooth or rough, oily or greasy, CBD oil is effective at making your skin as healthy as possible.

Furthermore, CBD has been proven to be a great source of CBD. (5) The reality of modern life is that most of us don’t get enough vitamin D from the sun or food, and so CBD can be a great supplement. Applying it topically can be a great way to get the vitamin D your body needs.

Vitamin D has many benefits, including strengthening bones, improving the immune system, reducing the risk of cancer, and more.

Advantages of Topical CBD Oil

Topically-applied CBD skin products can be highly effective for smoothing and rejuvenating the skin, relieving pain, and easing inflammation. Here are some advantages of using CBD in topical form:

  • May help with a wide range of symptoms. The potential benefits of CBD topicals are varied and versatile, they range from relieving muscle pain and joint pain to aiding skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. (9) (10)

  • More discreet than other forms of CBD. Other forms of CBD treatment, such as vaping, can be quite public and indiscreet. Topicals provide a great alternative for those who wish to make their treatment more private and discreet.

  • No psychoactive effects. CBD Topicals contain no THC, the psychoactive property in cannabis, meaning that you will not get high” from using it.

  • Fast-acting. Other CBD products, such as edibles or capsules, can take several hours to take effect. CBD products that are applied topically to the skin takes effect much more quickly and does not have to enter the bloodstream.

Tips for Applying Topical CBD Oils

If you aren’t entirely sure how to apply CBD Topicals, here are some simple and easy instructions to ensure that you’re applying it correctly and effectively.

1. Don’t mix CBD skin products with other topical products.

Make sure you are not mixing CBD Topicals with other skin-care products. Don’t apply to areas that affected by other products. This will ensure that your skin is absorbing the oil in its entirety, combining multiple skin-care products will only dilute the effects and reduce its effects. Not to mention a lot of over the counter skin care products contain toxic chemicals that do more harm than good.

2. Make sure you are applying it at the right time.

Don’t apply CBD oil before showering, bathing or taking part in an activity that will make you sweat. Water will wash away the oil from your skin before it has time to absorb and take effect. Similarly, sweating can also prevent the oil from penetrating the skin, which will nullify the effects.

3. Apply liberally and massage CBD oil into the skin.

Once the oil has been applied, massage it gently but firmly into your skin. The body doesn’t absorb much of the cannabinoid in doses that are too small, so make sure you apply plenty.

Make sure to wash your hands fully once you are done so you don’t spread irritable substances to sensitive areas like your eyes.

4. Follow the directions on the packaging.

Make sure that you’re applying the amount of oil that is recommended on the packaging. Read any and all instructions carefully and make sure you follow them closely. Following these instructions is the best way to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your CBD.


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Dr. Jenny P. Wilkins, NMD, CRA  

Dr. Jenny is a Naturopathic Doctor and clinical research associate. She is a successful entrepreneur as the CEO/Proprietor of AgeVital Pharmacies in Sarasota, Florida. She is a charismatic media personality and television producer with regular appearances on ABC, NBC, TBN, CBS, the CW and Lifetime. As a health and wellness expert and educator, Dr. Jenny lectures all around the world at various conferences about the endocannabinoid system and functional integrative healthcare and how natural solutions work to treat a multitude of diseases and illnesses. She authors books for healthcare practitioners and consumers and educates the healthcare community and individuals using her extensive research and findings about the endocannabinoid system.  

She is the President and Chairman of The American Academy of the Endocannabinoid System (AAECS) and sits on the Executive Board of Directors for the American Board of Medical Marijuana Physicians (ABMMP). Her expansive credentials include a Board Certification at The American Board of Anti-Aging Health Practitioners – (ABAAHP), a Diplomate of the AAIM College of Nutrition and a Board Certification with the (AAIM) Board of Integrative Medicine. Dr. Jenny is also a member of the American Academy Of Anti-Aging Medicine, serves as a senior business and financial advisor for Nuvusio, Conference Advisory Board Medical Chair of the Florida Medical Cannabis Conference & Exhibition (FMCCE) and the medical director for Biom-Pharmaceuticals and Chief Scientific Officer And Medical Director for M3-Biodynamics and M3-Innovations.  

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