Compromised Sleep May Contribute to Chronic Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder

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August 7, 2017
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Compromised Sleep May Contribute to Chronic Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder

Here’s another reason to take a good night’s sleep seriously. The increasingly urban lifestyle has taken a toll on our sleeping habits and there could be bad news in store for u. According to a latest study, compromised sleep may be linked to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which affects around 75 per cent of children and adults.

ADHD is a chronic condition which includes attention difficulty, hyperactivity and impulsiveness. According to the study, ADHD could have an association with many sleep-related disorders, including restless-leg syndrome, sleep apnea, circadian rhythm disturbance and delayed sleep phase syndrome, which were until now thought to be separate issues. Sandra Kooij, Associate Professor at VU University Medical Centre in Netherlands, shares, “There is extensive research which shows that people with ADHD also tend to exhibit sleep problems,” However, Kooij also added, “Based on existing evidence, it looks very much like ADHD and circadian problems are intertwined in the majority of patients” The researchers explained that the association could be because of the day and night rhythm is disturbed, the timing of several physical processes is disturbed, not only of sleep, but also of temperature, movement patterns, timing of meals.

“If you review the evidence, it looks more and more like ADHD and sleeplessness are two sides of the same physiological and mental coin,” Kooij added. The findings revealed that in about 75 percent of the ADHD patients ; the ‘physiological sleep phase’ , where-in people show the physiological signs associated with sleep such as changes in the level of the sleep hormone melatonin and changes in sleep-related movement was delayed by about 1.5 hours. Melatonin in the evening or bright light therapy in the morning has helped many sufferers reset their circadian rhythm of sleep, added Kooij. The team is now working to confirm the physical-mental relationship by finding biomarkers such as Vitamin D levels, blood glucose, cortisol levels, 24 hour blood pressure and heart rate variability, which may help to treat some ADHD by non-pharmacological methods “We don’t say that all ADHD problems are associated with these circadian patterns, but it looks increasingly likely that this is an important element,” Kooij noted. The findings were presented at the 30th ECNP Congress in Paris.

Difficulty in falling asleep, or staying asleep is often followed by daytime sleepiness, lack of energy, drowsiness, fatigue and irritability. It can also take a toll on your mental focus and may lead to depression. Your diet play a significant role in your controlling your sleep patterns. Here are certain foods that could be ruining your sleep and you must avoid having them right before you hit the bed.

1.Ice cream or heavy desserts: Ice -cream contains lot of fats and is loaded with sugar. Avoid consuming it too close to bedtime, as your body won’t have enough time to burn the fat and that can leave you sleep deprived. .Also, consuming other fatty and fried foods have been linked to stimulating a brain chemical called orexin that is known to regulate arousal, wakefulness and appetite.

2.Chocolate: Milk chocolate contains tyrosine, which is converted into dopamine, a stimulant that will cause alertness and prevent your brain slowing down and preparing to rest. On the other hand, dark chocolate contains a high quantity of caffeine. It also contains theobromine, a compound known to increase heart-rate and cause sleeplessness.

dark chocolate

Chocolate cause alertness and prevent your brain slowing down and preparing to rest

3. Spicy Food: Your obsession with hot, chilly and spicy foods may be taking a toll on your sleep. Pungent food like chillies and mustard raise your body temperature and make you restless. These may cause acid reflux that can leave you restless all night. Garlic is also known as the ‘hot herb’ and like spicy foods it can cause heartburn.

4.Coffee and tea: Coffee and tea are great ways to start your morning but avoid them post dinner. Caffeine blocks the action of a natural brain chemical called adenosine that signals your brain to feel tired and induces drowsiness, thereby keeping your brain active when it should be powering down.

coffee generic

Coffee and tea are great ways to start your morning but avoid them post dinner

5. Alcohol: While alcohol does help induce light sleep, which is why few people prefer having a drink which is also called a ‘night cap’, it prevents you from entering the deep and more restorative stages of sleep. Alcohol keeps you in the light stages of sleep, from which you can be easily awakened which explains the headache that some may experience after a night of drinking.


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