The Biggest Compliment is a Thank You from a Patient

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May 15, 2017
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The Biggest Compliment is a Thank You from a Patient


Dr. Jenny is world-class. She really cares, wants to help one get well, and I felt her love and kindness immediately. AgeVital was a sponsor for the U.S. Open for Lawn Bowling right here in Sarasota is how we found out about them.

During the Live Blood Analysis, I learned that my hormones were out of whack. For 9 years, multiple doctors have not gotten it right. I was suffering with sleep issues, anxiousness, always tense, a nasty draining fistula, constant stomach pain and did not want to live.

After I got on Progesterone pills my life changed overnight. I sleep better, I feel my body healing itself of a fistula and I am no longer anxious and tense. I am happy, mellower and I even have a spring in my step.

The other miracle is that my young son also went to Dr. Jenny and was healed of his “hives issue” by using the Metabolic Immune Dietary Support along with other supplements; but mainly it was the Vitamin C- IV drip that healed him instantly.

Needless to say, we are so happy to have discovered AgeVital on Main Street right here in my hometown of Sarasota. We thank God every day for our miracles and for pointing us in the direction of Dr. Jenny, who put us both back on the healthy track of life. Words cannot even express these life-changing events.

Everyone on staff is above and beyond and we are appreciative of the help that AgeVital provides. Thank you very much!


Laurie Strickland

If you would like more information about Progesterone Hormone Replacement Therapy from AgeVital call: 888-388-7237

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