Top 10 Surprising Benefits of High Fiber Diet

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Top 10 Surprising Benefits of High Fiber Diet

Most of us think of fiber as a substance that cleanses the colon by sweeping out toxins and other impurities. However, there is so much more to dietary fiber than you could imagine. Many of us are not eating the recommended daily fiber intake. Here’s a list of reasons why it is essential to incorporate more high fiber foods into your diet.

1. Fiber supports digestive health. Insoluble fiber adds bulk to your stool and aids with regularity. However, fermentable fibers such as soluble fibers and resistant starches, produce short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) through fermentation, which have shown to support intestinal barriers, strengthen colonic motor activity and help intestinal mobility. Recent studies suggest that SCFAs have anti-inflammation and anti-cancer actions too.

2. Fiber promotes bowel regularity. Regularity is described as the regular excretion of soft or bulky or easy to pass stools. Insoluble fiber can help improve regularity by enhancing the secretion of mucus while soluble fiber forms a gel, increasing the stool’s water holding capacity. Both types of fiber are necessary to improve regular bowel movement.

3. Fiber helps reduce constipation. Dietary fiber helps manage constipation by adding bulk on your stool. Bulky stools move rapidly through the gut, and this results in an improved regularity. In general, the increase in volume and reduction of transit time appear to be the most widely known benefits of dietary fiber.

4. Fiber helps lower cholesterol. Numerous studies have associated high fiber diet with reduced levels of total cholesterol, LDL – low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and serum lipids. Evidence suggests that people with high fiber consumption have a lower risk of developing coronary heart disease. Furthermore, studies have shown that viscous fiber such as guar gum, psyllium, and beta-glucans blocks the absorption of cholesterol. The viscosity of these fibers traps bile along with its cholesterol and then, excreted in the stool.

5. Fiber promotes insulin sensitivity. For many decades, numerous research has shown that the viscous nature of fiber helps slow down the absorption and release of blood sugar into the bloodstream, and therefore, reducing the glycemic effect of food. Unlike foods containing easily absorbed carbohydrates foods rich in fiber prevents a rapid increase in blood sugar, hence you can enjoy sustained and stable energy supply that could last for hours. Fiber is highly beneficial for people with diabetes as it has been proven to help improve fasting blood glucose, HbA1c, and insulin.

6. Fiber helps improve mineral absorption. Soluble fiber may help increase calcium absorption and other minerals. It is believed that the fermentation process inside the gut reduces intestinal pH, which then promotes mineral solubility. Fermentable fibers could also enhance the absorptive action of the intestinal cells for minerals.

8. Fiber boosts the immune system. A high-fiber diet can help increase the number of good bacteria such as lactobacillus and bifidobacteria, and prevent pathogens from adhering to the gut cell walls.

9. A high-fiber diet may aid in weight loss. Numerous evidence consistently reveals that overweight and obese individuals have low dietary fiber intake compared to lean adults. Consuming more fiber offers many benefits to your current weight problem. It effectively reduces both food consumption and hunger, while the fermentation of soluble fiber increases the production of SCFA which then promotes fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Furthermore, because fiber helps regulate blood sugar level, it can rev up the body’s fat-burning ability and prevent insulin spikes that leave you exhausted and craving for unhealthy foods.

10. Fiber helps improve skin appearance. When fungus and yeast are eliminated through the skin, they can cause acne and other skin issues. Increasing your fiber intake can help get rid of body toxins, and can help improve the skin’s appearance.

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